Jim Green For Congress 2000
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Welcome to my new Web page! I am running for Congress in District 21 in Texas....please read read my solutions for the 21st Century, below....
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Jim Green
Green for Congress 2000
Globalization and Automation have created a whole new set of social problems, calling for a whole new set of social solutions. The old solutions, offered by Republicans, simply do not work anymore and in fact could be compared to throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out. As a result of our continuing use of these tired and dangerous solutions, however, we have seen a wrath of school shootings, work place and indiscriminate mass shootings, ….And what was unheard of even a short quarter century ago have become commonplace even in our smallest towns. To counter this social chaos we need to implement the following seven-point program to
Prevent our further disintegration in the new millennium (Inclusivism.org):

1) We need to re-classify all crime in the future as "violent" or "non-violent", and discard the archaic terms "felony" and "misdemeanor".

2) We need a much greater use of "Shock" Incarceration (A sentencing alternative I created in the 1960's); greater use of fines (both civil and criminal), in lieu of incarceration. [We have 5% of the world's people and 25% of those in prison….we daily turn non-violent persons into violent career criminals….prison should be a last resort, not first.]

3) We need the creation of Federal Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, for the diagnosis and treatment of the violent offender. Also, we need to allow for voluntary admissions to prevent juvenile and family violence. It is essential that we seek out "problem-solving", not "punishment" oriented solutions, which actually exacerbate crime.

4) We need to take the lead taken by England and Australia, in treating drug addiction as a "medical" rather than a "criminal" problem, so that we can effectively keep drugs out of the hands of our youth. We have wasted billions on interdiction and drug abuse is actually increasing.

5) To address our insidious practices of "exclusion", Congress must establish a citizen's legal right to work; And, support ratification of the following constitutional amendment: "Work shall hereafter be the legal right of every citizen, and Congress shall make no law abridging a citizen's legal right to work and be a productive citizen."

6) To ensure enforcement of this legal right, Congress would create a privately owned, federally mandated, mutual insurance plan, owned by each person who works, which would provide work/training to any citizen who applies. Work would include: Child care for low income working families, building a high-speed rail system, repairing our rotting infrastructure (the list of social benefits is endless). A projected cost of 8%would be less than the worker currently pays for welfare.

7) Since this program of "inclusion" would address 95% of our social ills (crime, welfare, drugs, etc.), the federal budget could be greatly reduced and our current Federal Income Tax would be replaced with a National Sales Tax, value-added tax, a national lottery, or some combination of taxes other than our current Federal Income Tax.

….For a return to Common Sense & Common Decency

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